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The Operations Automation Playbook [Fintech Edition]

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Jan Hugenroth

Jan is the Founder and CEO of Next Matter. Previously a senior management consultant with McKinsey & Company, he has over 10 years of business and technology experience, with a focus on business operations and strategy projects. 

He has led value creation programs for numerous European technology companies, and places major emphasis on success through process optimization.

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Part I – Understand the opportunity



The 5 misconceptions about process automation 


Part II – Capture the opportunity


Find the right tool


Prioritize your automation agenda


Build your pilot process


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COO – Mobile Investments

Our regulatory processes required lots of manual coordination, which consumed countless hours of op's team time and left us exposed to greater risk. We desperately needed automation. This guide provided both the roadmap and the tools I needed to make the transition to automation happen - I can confidently say, we now have more efficient operations with far fewer errors than before. 

Head of Operations – Payments App

Our executive steering co. has been pushing "process automation" for the past two years, but practically, I had no clue as to where or how to get started. The Ops Playbook was exactly what I needed: a pragmatic, step-by-step guide, that I could implement and test myself in less than a month, instead of spending half a year with consultants.

In 2021, even the most advanced fintech organizations are still bogged down by manual, resource-intensive operations processes. 

How can fintech leaders implement reliable automated operations processes, to help them ensure compliance and accountability, without the massive resource waste, added risk, frequent error, and extreme burden of manual operations?

Our process-focused playbook puts fintech managers into the driver’s seat for automating operations, using a clear, 4-step approach that will generate quantifiable impact for your teams in less than a month. It includes downloadable templates, planning and evaluation guides, automation toolkit guidance, real-life case studies, and more.

Tassilo Karunarathna

In his 7+ years as a management consultant with McKinsey, Tassilo led agile operations and digital business transformations for leading enterprises across industries. He has also led strategic procurement projects to improve operating models and save costs for rapid growth-stage businesses.

He is currently the Head of Customer Success at Next Matter.

This 73-page eBook is a step-by-step guide for fintech leaders seeking to implement reliable automation, win back time, resources, revenue, and ultimately, their piece of mind.